All Work is Backed by an 8 Year Warranty!


It takes a full 30 days for your cabinets to fully cure and harden. You will be provided instructions on how to care for your cabinets during the first 30 days. Warranty becomes void if these steps are not followed during the first 30 days.

The warranty will be effective if, and only if, the customer:

  • Pays New Colour Cabinet Painting in full.
  • Follows the first 60 day “cabinet care plan”

If paint failure appears due to our negligence, we will supply labour and material at no cost and spray/paint the areas needing repair.


Warranty Details

New Colour Cabinet Painting will repair areas where peeling, flaking or blistering have occurred.  Scratches or large chips are not covered because we have no way to control how you use your cabinets. Even though your painted cabinets are extremely durable, they are not 100% scratch resistant. Pets, children, items banged against cabinets, etc. are things out of our control that can contribute to scratches & chips over time with daily use.

The warranty is for sprayed cabinets, this means that New Colour Cabinet Painting will respray doors, drawers, light valances, crowns and gable ends that can be brought back to our spray shop.

Touch up paint is provided for fixed unremovable items/cabinets. These unremovable pieces are not covered under this warranty.

Wood panel doors expand and contract over time due to changes in humidity.  Sometimes hairline cracks can develop where the doors are glued together. Since this is a natural occurrence our warranty does not cover this.

Only the specific areas that have issues will be fixed and repairs are only completed in accordance with the description of the original work order.

Due to circumstances or conditions that may be beyond our control, like but not limited to the current condition (see list below) of any given piece to be sprayed or resprayed, the workmanship warranty is limited from the date of delivery of sprayed items unless otherwise expressed in writing at the time of by New Colour Cabinet Painting

>> Eight Year Warranty on spraying/painting previously unfinished wood products.

>> Two Year Warranty on re-spraying/painting where there is no current cracking, flaking,  chipping, or contamination from food, grease, or staining of any kind.

>> Two Month Warranty on items that are excessively greasy, previously painted, show cracking, flaking, or chipping in the existing finish as well as laminate or artificial surfaces including Thermofoil or melamine.  Also on any items that show staining of chemicals, crayons, marker’s, oils, etc.

This warranty is not transferable to another individual or corporation.

Our Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Previously painted cabinets.
  • Areas specifically stated in other details on the proposal as impossible to guarantee.
  • Areas that have a moisture problem or areas where moisture pools on the surface.
  • Mold or fungus that results from environmental causes.
  • Work not paid for in full or not paid on a timely basis. Timely is here defined as work not paid within 7 days from the date of completion.
  • Plastic surfaces & galvanized metal
  • Mildew (caused by moisture accumulation)
  • Rotten wood
  • Regular wear and tear from daily use.
  • Doors, drawers, light valances, crowns and gable ends  contaminated by chemicals, foods, grease, ink or any item or liquid that may have penetrated the current finish and/or reached the wood or material. This can shorten the lifespan of a newly sprayed finish.
  • Caulking is not covered under warranty.
  • Cabinet doors, drawers, crown, valence that is exposed to excess moisture due to improper ventilation.
  • Cabinet doors, drawers and fixed panels that are exposed to nicotine and smoke.